These Accu-Tab chlorinators are a few of the many models designed for aquatic, food safety, irrigation, potable water, wastewater and industrial water applications. View all options or contact an Accu-Tab system representative to determine the right one for your project.

Chlorine Tablet and Feeder Systems

The Accu-Tab® tablet chlorination system offers our customers simple and effective chlorination for a wide range of applications from the aquatics industry to food processing and drinking water to wastewater. Simply put—the Accu-Tab system is the solution for all your chlorination needs.

The system's advanced technology combines specially-engineered Accu-Tab chlorinators with proprietary Accu-Tab three-inch calcium hypochlorite tablets to form a complete, NSF-certified system. With many feeder models available and the flexibility to meet requirements for size and chlorine demand, the reliable and accurate chlorine tablet and feeder system is installed in facilities worldwide.

What types of applications can benefit from the Accu-Tab system? Use the image buttons above to learn more.

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