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These Accu-Tab chlorinators are a few of the 16 different models designed for use in aquatics applications.
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Helping You Comply with Local Health Requirements

Water quality issues not only pose a threat to patron safety, but resulting shutdowns can affect an aquatic facility's bottom line. According to a recent survey of health inspectors, conducted by the Accu-Tab system team and NSF International, 92 percent of all health inspectors surveyed had either shut down a facility in their area or knew a colleague who had done so in the past three years. While these shutdowns were usually only temporary until a specific violation was corrected, the vast majority (85 percent) of the inspectors cited poor water quality or clarity as the reason for the shutdown.

Operators of community swimming pools, spas, large aquatic facilities such as waterparks and olympic-sized pools—as well as hotels, motels, apartments and condominiums with pools—face tough challenges in the fight for water quality. Preventing recreational water illnesses (RWIs), achieving the proper water balance and maintaining clarity are important daily jobs that must be tackled along with a long list of other responsibilities and tasks.

Versatile System

With installations around the globe, the Accu-Tab® tablet chlorination system simplifies swimming pool maintenance for operators at many types of aquatics facilities. With a breadth of chlorinator models for a variety of pool sizes, depths and installations, operators can feel comfortable knowing that the Accu-Tab system will address their specific water needs.

The easy-to-use calcium hypochlorite tablet-based system is built on advanced engineering and proprietary tablet technology. The rugged, quality chlorinators—hand-crafted in the U.S.—are built to last. With more than 15 years of experience in the commercial aquatics industry, all aquatics system models are listed NSF/ANSI 50 to stand up to the challenges of commercial pool environments, as well as rigorous industry, health code and performance requirements. It consistently and accurately delivers the chlorine needed to kill harmful bacteria, control algae and destroy organic contaminants.

The Accu-Tab system is easy to maintain and keep clean due to its high water flow and lower chlorine concentration delivery technology, coupled with proprietary Accu-Tab Blue SI tablets that contain scale inhibitor to reduce scale build-up. Operators can also rely upon the Accu-Tab system's dedicated network of trained specialists who are available to consult on installation, technical support and ongoing tablet delivery.

How does the Accu-Tab system meet the needs of different aquatic facilities?
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Accu-Tab® calcium hypochlorite tablets are designed specifically and only for use in Accu-Tab chlorinators. The use of any calcium hypochlorite tablet with any other chemicals can result in serious safety hazards. Failure to comply could cause malfunction and will void the warranty as well as NSF certification. The mixing of incompatible chemicals, including other pool cleaning chemicals, may generate heat, release hazardous gases and potentially cause a violent reaction leading to fire or explosion. In addition, tablets from different labeled buckets should never be mixed. Operators of any Accu-Tab system should thoroughly read and understand label directions that accompany the chlorinator and tablets before operating the system.

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