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Maintain Water Quality and Profitability at Waterparks

Waterpark operators encounter a wide variety of challenges every day. Energy, chemical and personnel costs impact their overall goal of maintaining a profitable facility. Waterpark operators require a chlorination system that provides long-term value while helping to keep water sanitized and more resistant to most recreational water illnesses (RWIs).

With a broad range of water attractions from lagoons, lazy rivers, water slides, wave pools, kiddie pools, sprayers, fountains, swimming and wading pools—all with multiple depths—maintaining consistent and effective chlorine levels is critical, not only for patron safety, but for the waterpark's bottom line.

In various parts of the world, both indoor and outdoor waterpark operators rely on the Accu-Tab® tablet chlorination system, a cost effective alternative to other systems.

Simpler, Safer, Effective—and Convenient

The Accu-Tab system helps to keep indoor and outdoor waterparks operational by consistently and accurately delivering the chlorine needed to kill harmful bacteria, control algae and destroy organic contaminants. The easy-to-use calcium hypochlorite tablet-based system is built on advanced engineering, proprietary tablet technology and hand-crafted, durable construction and is effective in tough environments like zero depth pools, spas and spraygrounds.

Compared to liquid bleach, the Accu-Tab system simplifies operations and allowes for easy transport of tablets to remote areas of the park where it may be difficult to move liquids through hoses or tank trucks. It reduces the risk of leaks and spills and removes the need for costly containment structures typically associated with bleach. Compared to other treatment options, the Accu-Tab system is more efficient because chlorine strength is consistent, it doesn't degrade as rapidly, and costs are more predictable. Also, the Accu-Tab system has a more neutral pH level and is less corrosive to equipment and pool surfaces while preventing fluctuations in chlorination levels.

Unpredictable weather at the end of a season can lead to unused chemicals, a cost waste in drums that will lose strength. With the Accu-Tab system, any unused cal hypo tablets can be safely stored and used next pool season because of their long shelf life.

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Easy Maintenance

The rugged, hand-crafted Accu-Tab system is easy to maintain and clean—typically once per year cleaning is all that is required. Accu-Tab chlorine feeders have few moving parts and no small openings that can clog.

Easy Installation

With many chlorinator models available for pools of varying sizes and depths, the Accu-Tab system integrates easily into existing and complex water features and controller systems. Operators get the trusted technology of the Accu-Tab system along with the support of a worldwide network of authorized Accu-Tab system specialists who offer years of invaluable expertise. They work closely with operators, builders and design engineers to match the right system with any waterpark design.

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