Accu-Tab Chlorination System

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These videos will help you better understand and successfully operate the Accu-Tab Chlorination System

Balance Your System

In this "Tech Time with Tom" video, Tom shows you how to balance your Accu-Tab® chlorination system upon start-up. Balancing is necessary to prevent the pump from losing prime. The video is applicable for all Accu-Tab AT systems. For information on non-AT models, refer to the manual that came with your system.


Test and Replace a Level Switch

In this "Tech Time with Tom" video, Tom shows you how to test and replace a level switch in your Accu-Tab® chlorination system. A level switch senses the level of water in the solution tank. If you already tested your switch and determined that it needs to be replaced, skip ahead to 2:05.



Technical Service Specialist

Tom Scherf is Axiall's Technical Service for Water Treatment Products specializing in trouble shooting, customer support, design, installation, operation of Accu-Tab systems. Tom brings more than two decades of experience and has helped hundreds of customers better understand and use the Accu-Tab Chlorination system.