Being Green Staying Clean

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Being Green, Staying Clean - PPG, a trusted source for valuable information, solutions and long-term support, is pleased to offer the latest advisory in the Accu-Tab® Advisor Series. The two-page advisory outlines key practices for recreational water facilities to be responsible to the environment and their patrons’ health. Complete the form below.

Smooth Operator - outlines best practices for maintenance and training at a recreational water facility with survey findings and seasonal action items. Complete the form below.

Know Your Limits: the FYI on CYA - outlines new cyanuric acid (CYA) regulations that require commercial swimming pools to maintain levels of CYA and includes exclusive survey findings and action items. Complete the form below.

Looking for Trouble - based on exclusive 2008 NSF International findings from recreational water facility health inspectors nationwide. Includes operational action steps for facility viability and suggestions for keeping your facility and patrons safe between inspections. Complete the form below.

The Dirty Truth - based on eye-opening research findings by Dr. Stanley R. Pickens on patron habits at waterparks and recreational water illness (RWI) prevention. Includes suggestions on immediate and long-term action steps for waterpark operations, regulations and management practices. Complete the form below.

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