Smooth Operator

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Smooth Operator - PPG, a trusted source for valuable information, solution and long-term support, is pleased to offer the latest advisory in the Accu-Tab® Advisor Series. The two-page advisory outlines best practices for maintenance and training at a recreational water facility with survey findings and seasonal action items. Complete the form below

Know Your Limits: the FYI on CYA - two-page advisory outlining new cyanuric acid (CYA) regulations for commercial swimming pools; includes exclusive survey findings and action items.

Looking for Trouble - based on exclusive 2008 NSF International findings from recreational water facility health inspectors nationwide; includes operational action steps and suggestions for keeping your facility and patrons safe between inspections.

The Dirty Truth - based on eye-opening research findings by Dr. Stanley R. Pickens on patron habits at waterparks and recreational water illness (RWI) prevention; includes suggestions on immediate and long-term action steps for waterpark operations, regulations and management practices.

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