Accu-Tab Chlorination System

Accu-Tab® Chlorinators for Irrigation

These Accu-Tab chlorinators are a few of the many models designed for use in irrigation applications.
Refer to the charts below for model specifications.

The complete, NSF-certified Accu-Tab® system combines specially-engineered chlorine feeders with quality controlled three-inch calcium hypochlorite (cal hypo) tablets. Accu-Tab chlorinators are solidly built. Each durable, corrosion-resistant chlorinator is handcrafted in the U.S. using high-quality PVC. Accu-Tab chlorinators—which use only Accu-Tab three-inch tablets—have have few moving parts, use no proprietary parts and have no small openings that can clog.

Accu-Tab systems can be installed as a gravity return system—where the chlorinator is located at an elevation higher than the point the chlorinated solution is returned to the main water stream—or, as a pressure return system—utilizing a centrifugal pump to re-inject the chlorinated solution back into the main water line.

Gravity Return Systems for industrial chlorinator models

A gravity return system can be specified when the chlorine effluent is to be returned to the main water stream in an open tank, channel, or filter and when the chlorinator can be physically located at an elevation higher than the re-injection point. The system routes a sidestream of the main water flow through a simple rotameter and valve used to adjust the flow of the chlorinator. The water contacts only the tablets at the bottom of the feeder, so tablets at the top stay dry while those contacting the water erode at a predictable rate according to the amount of water that enters the chlorinator. Highly accurate chlorine dosage is achieved simply by controlling the water flow rate.

Because nothing moves but the water, the PowerPro® gravity return system represents the ultimate in reliability with negligible capital costs. The non-pressurized system also eliminates the potential of chlorinated solution spraying out of a corroded or broken pipe.

Pressure Return Systems for industrial chlorinator models

A pressure return system is required when the chlorinator effluent must be directed to multiple locations or when the chlorinated stream is to be re-injected to a pressurized tank or line. Our PowerPro® pressure return system removes a sidestream of the main water flow and introduces a portion of it into the chlorinator, where Accu-Tab tablets are eroded at a controlled rate. A centrifugal pump re-injects the resulting chlorinated solution back into the main water line. This sidestream loop is nearly identical to the familiar chlorine gas injection system but without the danger and the hassle.

Each PowerPro pressure return system comes complete with valves, piping, pumps, surge tanks, and the electronic controls necessary to dose the desired amount of chlorine into the main water system. Systems are also available with multiple chlorinators, automatic controllers, and SCADA compatibility.

Contact an Accu-Tab system representative to find the chlorinator that meets your needs.

2000 Series GS Model Chlorine Delivery Tablet Capacity Unit Footprint

2000 GS
2075 GS 2.5 lbs. / hr 75 20" x 20" PDF
2150 GS 12.5 lbs. / hr 150 20" x 20"
2300 GS 25 lbs. / hr 300 31" x 50"
2600 GS 35 lbs. / hr 600 32" x 60"
2000 Series P Model Chlorine Delivery Tablet Capacity Unit Footprint

2075 P
2075 P 2.5 lbs. / hr 75 20" x 40" PDF
2150 P 10.5 lbs. / hr 150 20" x 40"
2300 P 25 lbs. / hr 300 31" x 63"
2600 P 35 lbs. / hr 600 36" x 68"
3000 Series Model Chlorine Delivery Tablet Capacity Unit Footprint

3012 0.57 lbs. / hr 12 9" diameter PDF
3075 2.5 lbs. / hr 75 13.375" diameter PDF
3150 12.5 lbs. / hr 150 18" diameter PDF
3530 25 lbs. / hr 300 24" diameter PDF
30600 35 lbs. / hr 600 30" diameter PDF
361000 35 lbs. / hr 1000 36" diameter PDF

Accu-Tab® calcium hypochlorite tablets from are designed specifically and only for use in Accu-Tab chlorinators. The use of any calcium hypochlorite tablet with any other chemicals can result in serious safety hazards. Failure to comply could cause malfunction and will void the warranty as well as NSF certification. The mixing of incompatible chemicals, including other pool cleaning chemicals, may generate heat, release hazardous gases and potentially cause a violent reaction leading to fire or explosion. In addition, tablets from different labeled buckets should never be mixed. Operators of any Accu-Tab system should thoroughly read and understand label directions that accompany the chlorinator and tablets before operating the system.