Accu-Tab Chlorination System


Accu-Tab® Three-Inch Calcium Hypochlorite Chlorine Tablets for Controlled Chlorine Delivery

Accu-Tab® three-inch calcium hypochlorite Cal hypo tablets are able to erode reliably, consistently and predictably because they undergo a multi-step manufacturing and quality control process so they will not soften and clog the system—a common problem with knock-off three-inch tablets and briquettes.

Accu-Tab tablets, which are 1 ¼-inch thick, are composed of calcium hypochlorite (cal hypo), a versatile and effective chemical for delivering chlorine into water. Cal hypo is more pH-friendly than chlorine gas, liquid bleach or trichlor tablets, requiring fewer adjustment chemicals which in turn makes water balance easier to achieve.

Westlake Water Solutions pre-selects granular cal hypo from its own lot material and uses low-residue cal hypo with a quality-controlled chlorine content and specified particle distribution. The chlorine tablets are pressed, not formed, ensuring their physical integrity and eliminating brittleness and extensive breakage. Tablets are independently tested in Accu-Tab systems by NSF International to meet certifications and are the only tablets sanctioned for use in Accu-Tab chlorinators.

There are four types of Accu-Tab tablets:
  • Accu-Tab SI tablets are NSF-60 listed for drinking water and are used in food packing, irrigation and potable/industrial applications.
  • Accu-Tab Blue tablets are the standard formulation and are NSF-50 listed.
  • Accu-Tab Blue SI tablets are NSF-50 listed and are comprised of the granular material blended with a scale inhibitor under a proprietary formulation to help prevent scale formation inside the chlorination chamber, especially in hard-water areas. They, have a blue speckled appearance that differentiates them from other swimming pool tablets to prevent mixing with non-compatible tablets.
  • Accu-Tab Wastewater tablets are for use only in small-scale aerobic wastewater treatment chlorinators. The patented tablets do not contain stearate that can be highly reactive and instead contain Hi-Sil® H-303 silica, an erosion modifier engineered to provide a steady source of chlorine.

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Accu-Tab® calcium hypochlorite tablets from are designed specifically and only for use in Accu-Tab chlorinators. The use of any calcium hypochlorite tablet with any other chemicals can result in serious safety hazards. Failure to comply could cause malfunction and will void the warranty as well as NSF certification. The mixing of incompatible chemicals, including other pool cleaning chemicals, may generate heat, release hazardous gases and potentially cause a violent reaction leading to fire or explosion. In addition, tablets from different labeled buckets should never be mixed. Operators of any Accu-Tab system should thoroughly read and understand label directions that accompany the chlorinator and tablets before operating the system.