Accu-Tab Chlorination System

Food Safety &
Irrigation Applications

The Accu-Tab® chlorination system kills harmful bacteria in process water and is easy to install and easy to operate


Water Treatment Safety Meets Simplicity

Clean process water is an essential ingredient in safeguarding much of what we eat and drink every day. With recent outbreaks bringing increased scrutiny to food and beverage safety, effective process water solutions have become even more important.

The Accu-Tab® chlorination system provides a safer, simpler and effective approach to reduce cross-contamination of harmful bacteria and other pathogens. The tablet-based system delivers a safe and simple method to process water chlorination for a number of these applications such as red meat and poultry processing, fruit and vegetable processing, irrigation for agriculture and use at beverage and bottling plants.

It is simpler and easier to maintain than chlorine dioxide, peroxyacetic acid or liquid bleach systems—and it eliminates the storage and handling hassles and high capital expenditures associated with them.

With certifications or approvals by NSF, USDA, EPA, FDA, AWWA, OMRI and WSDA, we work side-by-side with you to identify which Accu-Tab system meets the demands of your facility.

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Accu-Tab® calcium hypochlorite tablets are designed specifically and only for use in Accu-Tab chlorinators. The use of any calcium hypochlorite tablet with any other chemicals can result in serious safety hazards. Failure to comply could cause malfunction and will void the warranty as well as NSF certification. The mixing of incompatible chemicals, including other pool cleaning chemicals, may generate heat, release hazardous gases and potentially cause a violent reaction leading to fire or explosion. In addition, tablets from different labeled buckets should never be mixed. Operators of any Accu-Tab system should thoroughly read and understand label directions that accompany the chlorinator and tablets before operating the system.

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